Bhang Chocolate Bars

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Bhang Chocolate Bars
Cannabis Amount:

60mg / 120 mg / 180mg from Pure Indica or Hybrids depending on bar and where it is manufactured.

Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Solids, Sugar, Cannabis, Vanilla, Lecithin, plus other flavoring etc depending upon bar flavor. “Other” ingredients: THC, CBD, and CBN
Serving Size:

about 10 grams per section
Servings: 4 (42.5 grams)
Calories: 60-245 Depends on bar
Weight: 1.5 oz / 42.5 grams
Manufactured By:

851 81st Avenue Unit 221
Oakland, CA

Where To Purchase This Edible:

Available in various dispensaries and retail stores that sell marijuana edibles in the following states: Colorado, California, New Mexico, Michigan, and Arizona

About Bhang Chocolate Bars

Bhang Bars are manufactured by licensees in various US states. They have standardized packaging designs that include warnings and nutritional facts. See images with examples of packaging above .

The “Other” ingredients:  THC, CBD, and CBN will vary according to the Bhang bars strength. See individual packaging nutritional facts at time of purchase. Also note that some of the Bhang bars’ cannabis butter is made from pure Indica and other bars contain cannabis butter from hybrid strains.

  • 1x Strength 60mg
  • 2x strength 120 mg
  • 3x strength 180 mg

Can can be easily broken into 4 equal size pieces.

Consumption Advice:

Until you know the effect of this marijuana edible eat only 1/2 of a segment, wait at least 1 hour before consuming any more.

Cannabis Dark Chocolate Bar

  • Dark chocolate with hybrid strains
  • Min. cannabinoid content 180 mg
  • Net weight 1.5 oz / 42.5 grams

ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Solids, Sugar, Cannabis, Vanilla, Lecithin

EX: Other ingredients per segment for 60 mg bar:

  • THC 15 mg.
  • CBD <1mg.
  • CBN < 1 mg.


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